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Tags - River / Lake / Reservoir

What happened to Mitko on Trip in 2020?

2020... what a year! 

It was quite exciting and interesting. 2020 was quite memorable to me. Through it I laid the foundations of Mitko on Trip. I started the long delayed trips and put a lot of effort into creating the videos for this channel.

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Beach next to the Bunker and "SPA" with lye and healing mud

The beach next to the Bunker began to gain popularity recently after a running alley and bicycles were built from the Salt lakes to Sarafovo.

Definitely the first thing that catches your eye is the black sand. The beach is long and you can find a place just for yourself. It is also unguarded, so be extremely careful.

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Amazing Strandja! Beautiful dams, streams and villages in Strandzha mountain, Bulgaria

An adventure in Strandzha planina and its beautiful springs, dams and villages. There are plenty of amazing places, a little bit off the main roads and the big cities that are waiting for you to discover them. Keep exploring :)

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