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What happened to Mitko on Trip in 2020?

2020... what a year! 

It was quite exciting and interesting. 2020 was quite memorable to me. Through it I laid the foundations of Mitko on Trip. I started the long delayed trips and put a lot of effort into creating the videos for this channel.

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Beach next to the Bunker and "SPA" with lye and healing mud

The beach next to the Bunker began to gain popularity recently after a running alley and bicycles were built from the Salt lakes to Sarafovo.

Definitely the first thing that catches your eye is the black sand. The beach is long and you can find a place just for yourself. It is also unguarded, so be extremely careful.

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Bletchley Park - a significant place for the whole of Europe

Bletchley Park - sounds like a nice place for a walk and chill with the family. This place is much more and holds the key to the end of one of the greatest wars in Europe.

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Bulgarian adventure in England - museums, christmas shopping and english sport

Every year on Christmas we use to go to England on vacation for a week. Had a lot of fun, while trying some typical english things. We were impressed by the beautiful Christmas decoration on the shopping centers and found a unique museum, that changed the history of all Europe. Oh, and we played golf for first time haha.

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Video trip around Varna in the summer

One adventure with Tanya - the queen of fiery sunsets and a huge fan of... (watch the video till the end)

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