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These adventures are a great escape from the 9 to 5 world. Work can bring the food to the table, but the adventures are the food for the soul. I love exploring, I love moving and being in awe of stunning places and breathtaking views.

Wanna share an adventure? Have ideas for stunning locations? Email me your idea and expect my reply soon : ))

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My favourite trips
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Arkutino beach - the most romantic beach in Bulgaria

I admit there is something very charming in this beach - the beautiful dunes, white sand lilies, the beautiful sea. The place somehow envelops you and transports you to a fairytale world. The long beach allows you to find your place and...

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Lost, but not afraid

I don't know how familiar you are, but I often get lost. I wouldn't say it's intentional, but I definitely enjoy it every time. I can get lost on foot, by bike, by car, even by train. Oh well, I wrote it as a skill in my resume.

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Saint Paraskeva Beach and the Bulgarian Stonehenge

"Beaches of Bulgaria" is now online and this is the second video in the series. The amazing beach in Saint Paraskeva Beach will open before your eyes and a small part of Beglik Tash, known as the Bulgarian Stonehenge.

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